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Since 1995, Globo Giganticom has been designing corporate branding, animating broadcast graphics, and bringing our clients' ideas to life.

Motion Graphics

Custom graphics for professional video

We’ve designed 2D & 3D motion graphics as well as visual effects for our own projects and other companies including Walt Disney, Sony, Adobe, AEG, NHL, Marriott, The Country Music Association, The Cheesecake Factory, Freddie Mac, Guitar Center, Napster, Vera Bradley, Tommy Bahama, Duffy Box, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Lexington Home Brands, Think Thin, Kimberly Clark Corp, Grant Thornton, and many others.

Message Stickers

Helping you express yourself in fun new ways

Are you addicted to Message stickers (like we are)? Stickers are a great way to express yourself! Did your friend suggest grabbing a slice of pizza? Send a sticker! Want to show your love? Send a sticker! 

Globo Giganticom wants to help you with your sticker addiction by expanding your stickers options! We’ve created multiple fun and expressive sticker packs to elevate any conversation. Go get ’em and start sticking!

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